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Designing, decorating, building and remodeling homes in a mountain town for the last 27 years with my husband, I've noticed there are a few styles that seem to rotate in popularity through the years - for a while now, the most popular look has been Mountain Modern. But what is "mountain modern" exactly and what about Modern Rustic or Mountain Farmhouse (my favorites)? How do all of these styles compare? Today, I'd like to talk about...Modern Rustic!

Owning a home in the mountains is a dream come true (owning a home anywhere is a dream come true, really) and most people want to enhance the fact that it is a "mountain home". Some choose to fully embrace the rustic/log/lodge design style (think lots of exposed logs, river stone, plaid, trophy heads) and some prefer to use all neutral colors, sleek metal, polished stone (what is typically mountain modern). However, in the last year or so I've noticed that clients want more color and warmth and coziness added to their homes. {yay - finally!} Enter the Modern Rustic style!

The goal of creating a modern rustic style is to fuse the natural textures, warmth and coziness of a rustic dwelling with sleek elements typical of a modern home. The large finishes (think walls, floors, ceilings) will consist of natural wood, exposed beams, stone, handmade tile and iron and the modern touch is brought in with the furnishings and fixtures. Add a funky, modern light fixture, which looks amazing against a wood and stone backdrop. This living room is a perfect example.

Here are a couple of finishes that would work perfectly in a Modern Rustic kitchen (with a dark grey painted cabinet - perfect)! Natural plank wood floors (in a herringbone pattern), handmade tile for the backsplash and the MOST gorgeous quartzite stone for the countertops. {Did you know that Willow is a dealer for many beautiful lines of FLOORING, TILE, AND CABINETS (these below)? In addition to our furniture and home goods.}

Then, add colors from nature - browns, blues, greens, and greys and a little velvet, leather, fur and wool in your furnishings and voila! Modern Rustic design...

Most importantly, have fun with your decorating and use things that you LOVE, and it will look beautiful! xo

NOTE: The rooms pictured in this post were designed by other amazing designers not located in Crested Butte.


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