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How to Design a Spa-Like Bathroom!

First of all, I suppose one would ask, "What exactly do you mean by a 'spa-like' bathroom?" Good question and it may be a personal preference, but I think of it as being synonymous with "soothing" and "calming" and even "nature-inspired". Which is why I pick natural wood tones, light colored tile and stone and blue-green paints! How about this gorgeous design below? This paint color is Blue Spruce by Benjamin Moore. {and hey, all of these products can be purchased through Willow.}

Here are some of my favorite Benjamin Moore blue-green paints - any of these would be wonderful used in a bathroom (or bedroom, for that matter!)

When using a strong color paint on your walls or cabinetry, you can stick with a more neutral tile for the majority of the field tile and then do something fun on the floor... Or as a wainscot on the walls... Or how about painted cabinets, neutral tile and a fabulous wallpaper?? Like this:

So, if you're planning a bathroom remodel, do think about adding some lovely color (blue-greens are perfect for soothing bathrooms)! xo sally


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