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Furnishing a home can be a daunting task, but if you approach it like a chef with a recipe - or maybe a chemist with a formula! - it can take some of the overwhelm away. Ideally, the process should be a fun one!!

First, get out your tape measure, notepad and pencil and create a floor plan of the space - be sure to note doors, windows, baseboard heaters, etc... on your plan! Next, figure out the pieces that you need/want to have in the room - sofa or sectional, couple of chairs, coffee and side tables, etc... If you don't have a scale tool, you can use your good ol' math skills to eyeball the measurements that will work for furniture on your plan. {Another fun way to visualize rugs and furniture in the space is to use blue painter's tape to mask out the shapes in the correct size on the floor}. Remember to leave ample space around pieces for walkways.

Now that you have your plan with general pieces needed and the sizes that will work, you can go shopping! Here are some examples of design boards that I've put together using a "formula" for this great room - you can see that the general elements are the same, but by switching out key pieces we have a totally different feel! You can also use this to change up the look of your space by simply swapping a few old items for new. Check out how I do it in these design boards below.

So, whether you're decorating an entire room or home from scratch or just freshening it up a bit, it doesn't have to be a stressful task. You can do it! or you can hire a professional to help you :) xoxoxo Sally


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