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Custom Fabric Window Treatments, Cushions, Upholstered Furniture, Bedding & More... 

Willow provides full service interior design, including professional kitchen and bath design.  We provide functional floor plans and 3-D renderings for your builder or installer.  We have a library of beautiful fabrics to create your customized window treatments, throw pillows, upholstered furniture, headboards, bedding - you name it!  From space planning to finish selection to furniture and drapery installation - we can help you throughout your entire project.  {and will always be mindful of your own personal voice - and your wallet!}  Here are some ways that I can help you:

FINDING YOUR STYLE – Maybe you aren’t even sure what look you want or like or why?  Maybe you feel as if you like everything and can’t commit or make decisions to move forward in your design.  I can help  you define your look and make it work.

SHOPPING/SOURCING – I have many sources that are offered "to the trade only", including furniture, lighting, fabrics and more.  I specialize in custom fabric window treatments, cushions and other "soft goods" - these are the items that can give your home a look that is truly yours alone.  I also have a retail shop in my studio with fun ready-to-take-home accents for your home.  

USING WHAT YOU HAVE –  I can help you decide what to keep and what to pitch and how to incorporate important pieces into the new look for your home. I love to work with what you have, as much as possible, and add in fresh new accessories and accents, creating a space that feels new {and it doesn't have to cost a fortune}!  

PROJECT MANAGEMENT – I can oversee the schedules and budget, as well as subcontractors, for your project.  You don't want to have to worry about that - picking out your furniture and finishes should be your priority!


My design philosophy is simple... a home should reflect the personality of the people who live there, not of their designer or furniture showroom!  I specialize in creating a stylish, functional and cozy HOME - a "yes, real people live here in this amazingly beautiful and welcoming house" kind of space.  Also very important to my design is that in addition to being a beautiful reflection of those who inhabit it, each room in a home should function well.  

Both the curation of products for the Willow shops and the design work we do for our WIDD projects are approached with our core values in mind:  CREATIVITY, QUALITY, COZINESS, WELL-BEING, COLOR, ADVENTURE AND A {LITTLE BIT} OF ECCENTRICITY!


Please check out the Online Design Studio & Services tab for info on my consultation and styling packages. 

XO  Sally  Johnson  

Modern Rustic Bathroom

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