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...our mission is to bring joy to the lives of our customers through our carefully curated mercantile offerings and our design services...  

Both the curation of products for the Willow mercantile & our boutique showroom and the design work we do for our WIDD projects are approached with our core values in mind:  QUALITY, CREATIVITY, COZINESS, WELL-BEING, COLOR, JOY and STYLE.

There are two Willow retail locations in Crested Butte - one is our "modern-day mercantile" and the other is our furniture shop.  Both are full of treasures for you and your home!  We also have a full-service kitchen, bath and interior design studio and sell cabinets, tile and flooring.  We're happy to work on the design of an entire home or an individual room. We absolutely love helping you select each and every detail of your home - from the moldings to the cabinets and floors, from the doorknobs to the throw pillows (especially the throw pillows)!  We believe that the final touches and custom details are what make a house become a HOME.  For new home or remodel projects, we will work closely with your architect and builder to help stay on schedule and on budget.  We also love "decorating" projects - when you just need the final touches to bring everything together.  

The Willow design philosophy is simple... a home should reflect the personality of the people who live there, not of their designer or furniture showroom!  We specialize in creating a HOME - a "yes, real people live here in this amazingly beautiful and welcoming house" kind of space.   


XO  Sally  Johnson, Owner & Principal Designer

Willow - A Modern-Day Mercantile is at 326 Elk Ave in the
"Times Square" building, our furniture shop is at 322 Belleview Ave
and the design studio/cabinet, tile, flooring 
showroom is
across the street at 309 Belleview Ave.

SHOP HOURS (VARY BY SEASON) or by Appointment
SHOP PHONE 970.349.2428 or email 

Follow Us on Instagram: @willowincrestedbutte AND @willowmercantilecb

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Mercantile Phone:  970.349.2428

DESIGN STUDIO Phone:  970.459.5668

Fax:  970.349.7239


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